Quality tennis nets are a very important aspect of having good tennis courts that tennis players want to play on. If you are a club or a school, you want to have a quality tennis court to attract experienced tennis players. So choosing a net is just as important as choosing the windscreens or any other important aspect of the court. An experienced tennis player will be more apt to play on a neat, well maintained tennis court than one that is not as maintained or that does not have the quality equipment.

Rethinking Your Old Court?

If you are thinking it is about time to add life back to your tennis court or maybe even adding a new court to your club or school, call All Court Covers today and have an experienced professional help you with your decisions for your quality upgrade or project.

Tennis Nets
Tennis Nets

All Court Covers is a family owned and operated business.  For the past 25 years we have been making and dealing in quality tennis court equipment. We are very customer oriented and very quality orientated as far as their products are concerned. If a product is not high quality it will not make the grade with All Court Covers. Because of our high principles and quality products, you will find our products on some of the finest tennis courts across the country.

Highest Quality Nets

Our tennis nets are no different. We will carry only the highest quality durable tennis nets. Our tennis nets are Douglas brand and used at the Olympics, the US Open and at tennis clubs all across the country. The Ace Tennis Net is a 3 mm braided with knots secured with a heat sealing technology. It has been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and will handle 325 pound breakage strength.

4 rows of locked stitching

It has four rows of locked stitching on the headband that allows it to withstand a lot of heavy usage. On the sides of the net, it is secured with side tape and dowels for even more strength. We also offer our double Ace Tennis Net.  It has been manufactured with the same technology as the Ace, but has a thicker braid of 3.5 mm and has fiberglass dowels. The Double Ace is made from tear-resistant vinyl and is UV protected. Both of these have a 5 year warranty and are professional tennis nets.

Yet another of the tennis nets that we carry is the TN-45 tennis net. It is double thick 100 percent polyester band and offers a true web twine bounce. It sports 3.5 mm decorated, synthetic resin netting and carries a 5 year warranty. The last one is the TN-30DM tennis court net with a vinyl coated polyester band with a 3.0 mm decorated, synthetic resin netting and double twine in top six rows. This net comes with a 4 year warranty.


As you can see, we offer a wide variety of tennis nets for you to choose from.  Call All Court covers today for professional help with selecting the right tennis nets that meet the need of your tennis court.


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