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A tennis windscreen has become a vital part of most professional tennis courts. Many clubs and professional courts are using these windscreens. The windscreens allow privacy, some shading from the sun and keep the wind from interfering with the tennis matches.  Many tennis players are increasing their game abilities because the windscreen provides privacy and provides for fewer distractions.

A very reputable company out of California, which manufactures and deals in specialized tennis equipment such as the tennis windscreen, is All Court Covers. All Court Covers is a family owned and operated business. We have been in business since 1988 and pride ourselves with high quality products. Customer service is also a number one priority with our company. We have a variety of quality products that we will stand behind and support with our guarantee.

Not only do we specialize in tennis court windscreens, but we are also known for our logos. We specialize in graphics and logos to promote your tennis courts and facilities. We can special design your own logos in several different colors to enhance or advertise your facility. We pride ourselves in being the best in the industry with our quality logos and designs.

Our other products include our custom tennis court covers. These covers are designed for easy use to cover your tennis courts while actual tennis matches are not in progress. Many tennis courts are used for multipurpose functions and our covers will protect your courts from foot traffic and many of the harsh weather elements. We also have a variety of tennis court dividers.  Many facilities use these between their multiple courts to keep game interference down to a minimum and to keep the tennis balls in their own courts. We can customize these to meet your needs depending upon your set up and usage. These dividers are made out of quality material and come in color options along with your choice of fasteners for easy installation.

We also have a variety of backdrop curtains that are available in multiple different colors, styles and designs. These can also be custom made for the size and design of your facility and courts. Our backdrop curtains are made of flame retardant, high quality material and design and come with our quality warranty. We also have a variety of high quality, very durable tennis nets that are designed for indoor or outdoor tennis courts. Our tennis nets also come with our quality warranty and can be custom designed to meet your needs.

Another of our very important products is for the safety of your players.  Our column pads that are used to wrap around the posts and poles in your facility, are designed to protect players from receiving severe injuries. These are designed with player’s safety and style in mind. So as you call All Court Covers today to check on your tennis windscreen, do not forget to ask about all of our other important products.


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