Tennis Backdrop Curtains Are A Necessity!

Tennis Court Backdrop Curtains

Tennis Backdrop Curtains
Tennis Backdrop Curtains

While playing tennis, the fastest serves can go up to a hundred and fifty miles per hour. Any object moving at such immense speeds can cause injury to players on the court. Even during the course of the game, the speed at which the ball moves from one side of the court to the other can be quite high, especially while playing pro.


Apart from the danger caused by the mere velocity of the ball, tennis can be unfair if the visibility is reduced. Without proper capacity to view the ball, players may not be able to play at their maximum potential. To avoid such accidents and to ensure fair play, backdrop curtains are unnecessary.


Backdrop curtains at tennis courts provide a contrasting background so that players are able to keep an eye on the fast moving ball. Generally, these curtains come in dark colors to make up for the fluorescent shade of the ball itself. The most common colors are black, dark blue, green, or even red at times. The opposing colors make it easy for the players to view the ball while in the heat of the game.


Another reason why dark colors are used is because lights shades make the eye lazy. In such high-stress and high-concentration games, it is vital that players are able to maintain as much concentration and energy as possible. A third important feature of backdrop curtains is that they allow the players on the court to fully focus on the events that take place on the court alone. The curtains help them block out external factors like the crowd.


Measuring your court


If you are installing backdrop curtains to your tennis court, remember that the specifications of the backdrops are very important. You will require a minimum of a ten feet high curtain for players to be able to play comfortably. Some courts, especially the ones in indoor stadiums, use backdrop curtains that are ceiling high to provide for the best possible visibility.


In such cases, it is vital that you chalk out the different measurements involving windows and doors so that the curtain does not get in the way of accessibility. Accurate dimensions are to be listed, and any extra features should be mentioned clearly.


If you would like a logo or a brand name to be put up on the backdrop, make sure you specify, and be sure to ask for a great quote. You can even get curtains with hallways in case you are hosting high-traffic tournaments and require additional features.


A few important things to know


–         The lower end of the curtain is not meant to be fastened to the base.


–         This is so that a flexible layer is made so that the ball can fall easily into the curtain rather than it rebounding of a rigid surface.


–         The unfastened bottom also makes it easy to clean up after matches.


Furthermore, this is a necessary safety measure to be met by Federal and local precautionary standards; for example, if there is a fir