All Court Covers Brand New Tennis Windscreen


The most durable Tennis windscreen in the industry.  Brand new MightyScreen. This revolutionary tennis windscreen has the UV protection and durability of knitted polyethylene. When you combine that with the beauty, stability, and feel of  vinyl coated tennis windscreens.

• No wind whipage. No coating to crack or peel.

• Polyethylene allows wind to pass through easier. This allows  MightyScreen to perform better in high winds.

• Dry rot is out!. Even in hot moist weather. It’s a polyethylene tennis court windscreen, so it will not absorb moisture. This is the primary cause of “dry rot”.

• Extra heavy duty outside hems. Both top and bottom have a heavy duty selvage edge.  This allows  the strongest hem and grommets in the industry.

• How long will it last?. Polyethylene simply lasts a lot longer than polypropylene or vinyl coated polyester.

• By far the best warranty in the industry. Because of  all the reasons above, we are backing MightyScreen with a 7 year warranty.  Two years more than any other warranty, on any other tennis windscreen product!

MATERIAL: High Density Knitted Polyethylene



MATERIAL WEIGHT: 9.0 oz/sq-yd (ASTM-D3776)


How To Install Tennis Windscreens Correctly

1.  On a 9′ tall tennis windscreen, hang the first vertical hem from the very top of the chain link fence.  This leaves 1′ at the bottom so wind can go underneith the windscreen.  6′ tall tennis windscreens should be hung 2′ down fom the top    of the chain link fence.

2.  Hang the tennis windscreens so the seams and hems are facing the chain link,
and not on the line post side. The nice side of the windscreen should face the
tennis court.

rope Ties

3.  All grommets should be used to secure the screen
to the fence.
  Do not skip any.

4.  First fasten one vertical edge at the required height to the fence.  Use regular (50-lb. breaking strength)

5.  Next fasten the highest horizontal hem of the windscreen to the fence. Keep the
highest hem straight by following the chain link pattern. Use either regular
Ty-raps or if the screens are rolled to the highest hem throughout storms,
industrial 120-lb. breaking strength Ty-raps.

6.  Next  fasten the remaining sides of screen to the fence with regular Ty-raps.

7.  Finally, fasten the bottom hem with regular Ty-raps or-if the screens are rolled to the
bottom throughout high winds- industrial 120-lb. breaking strength Ty-raps.

8.  In the case of roll on polyethylene screens there aren’t any grommets. Ty-raps
ought to be placed every 12″. For best results, we advocate the highest
and bottom edges be bifolded over 1″ and Ty-raps placed within the middle
of this double section.