Tennis Has Come a Long Way

Tennis is much more than just a game played on a court with a net and tennis windscreens. It is a sport that is played in a wide range of social groups. There are tennis teams that play for different schools and organizations. Tennis is even played by the handicapped from their wheel chairs. Tennis is also now an Olympic sport played by a variety of different ages. Many people also have private tennis courts at their homes. Some use these for practice and family time while others have tennis parties and have friends over to compete in friendly games. Tennis originated in Bingham England back in the 19th century and was called lawn tennis.

There are companies out there today that specialize in tennis equipment that make the game more convenient and prestigious. One of these companies is All Court Covers from California. All Court Covers manufactures and deals in a variety of high quality tennis court accessories.

Tennis has changed a lot today from its origin in the 19th century. Tennis has turned into more of a prestigious sport today for many people. Many facilities such as some YMCAs have tennis courts and help people of all ages learn to play the game. Many of the municipal parks and schools also have tennis courts for their residents and students to use. There are professional tennis facilities and pro circuit courts for the professionals.

All Court Covers carries and customizes the special effects and equipment for these courts. We manufacture high quality products and specialize in tennis windscreens and special designed logos. We are top in our field with our high quality products and craftsmanship. We also specialize in quality backdrops, court dividers, tennis nets and column pads. All Court Covers can special customize any similar product to suit the needs of your court or facility. We are a reputable company that has been doing business since 1988 in the industry and will gladly help you decide what options will work the best for your facility.

All Court Covers believes strongly in having a good relationship with their customers. Their customer service department is always willing to help you by answering any questions that you may have.  They also are great for helping you in choosing what products may be the right choices for your tennis courts. Whether you have a large job or a small one making sure you have the right size equipment and exactly what you need is very important. They are ready and available to help in customizing your equipment for your court whether it is for your home court or for your professional facility.

Our customer service and our sales staff are always ready to lend a helping hand from answering questions to following through with the orders. When a customer calls in looking for a quote on our products we make it a practice to try to get the quote out within just a few hours and when the order is placed our goal is to have it shipped in three to five days. So the next time you decide to upgrade your tennis windscreens or any other of your tennis court products, call us here at All Court Covers for a free quote.‎

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