Custom Tennis Court Backdrop Curtains

backdrop_curtainsTennis backdrops with individual doorways with viewing mesh.         

Do you want  tennis backdrop curtains that have an individual doorway with a viewing mesh in it? Do you want the tennis court backdrop to have a California corner? Every ACC tennis backdrop curtain is made to meet individual specifications.

No two wire heights are exactly the same. No two curtain heights will be the same either.  Give us a call to discuss individual doorways with viewing mesh or California corners.

Custom Sports Products

Custom Made Tennis Backdrop Curtains
All Court Covers customizes designs for every indoor facility that we cover. That is because no two facilities are alike.

Individual Doorways
ACC doors sit right on the curtains. They don’t hang from the wire. The player simply moves the flap to enter the court. All standard doors can be easily and economically replaced.

ACC- 20 ounce
The ACC-20 is a sturdy indoor tennis court backdrop curtain.  This tennis curtain is ready to face maximum abuse not just from players, but cleaning equipment as well. We provide this in custom heights and lengths to your specifications. The curtains all come ready to be installed with either “S” hooks or snaps in the top.