Tennis Court Divider Nets

 Netting Between Your Tennis Courts

Tennis court divider netting is fabricated to separate two tennis courts that are side-by-side. Tennis facilities with multiple courts use tennis netting to reduce lost playing time because of loose balls, and keep interference at a minimum. This permits tennis games to proceed uninterrupted, and protects players from tennis balls which cross over adjacent courts.

Divider netting usually hangs from the wire and will lay about 2”above the court floor to prevent balls from rolling beneath. This may produce a wear factor wherever the nets drag on the ground. Our custom netting is factory-made with a permanent or Velcro-connected vinyl skirt. Removable skirts are simply replaced, lengthening the lifetime of netting. All Court Covers will assist you in properly furnishing a brand new facility, or updating an existing one with vinyl curtain and divider netting systems. We can even provide installation if required.

Nettng Designs

ACC divider netting is created from sturdy 1 7/8 in. sq. mesh knotted nylon or knot-resistant nylon. Brass grommets are used on the top of the net, and either “S” hooks or snaps are utilized through the grommets. These nets are ready to be hung when you receive them. Colors are black, green or blue.

tennis court backdrop 3

tennis divider net with Velcro bottom

Tennis backdrops with individual doorways with viewing mesh.

Tennis divider net with Velcro bottom


Kick plate on tennis divider net.

Tennis Court Divider Netting

Plain tennis court divider netting


Bottom Skirt Designs

The bottom of our tennis divider netting is protected with permanent or Velcro connected vinyl, or netting skirts. Lead rope in the bottom of the nets is also available. The removable skirts are often simply replaced to increase the lifetime of your netting system.


Tennis Court Divider Netting

Custom choices  
• Custom lengths and heights
• Permanent or Velcro connected vinyl and netting skirts
• Lead rope bottom
• Available colors are green, black and blue.


ACC tennis divider nets can be used indoors or outdoors. They stand tall against bad weather conditions. ACC tennis divider nets are fabricated to handle abuse. The nets are suspended from a wire and are easy to see through. All Court Covers tennis divider nets supply your players with the security needed to enjoy a game of tennis. Tennis divider nets are usually 10′ tall and 60′ wide. They can be taller, which tends to keep unwanted tennis balls from rolling onto other tennis courts. Our 1-7/8″ nylon tennis court divider nets are available in black, green or blue.

Select from one of these 3 options: Plain with no detachable Velcro bottom, detachable Velcro bottom on lower 2′ of the net, or 6-inch solid kick plate at the bottom.

ACC- Snaps These tennis court divider nets  are made of 1 7/8″ nylon. Tennis divider nets come  in black, green or blue. The tennis divider netting has a 13-ounce vinyl tape border all around the perimeter. The spacing of the grommets is 18” on center on the  top. The tennis court divider netting is ready to be hung up.

ACC- Velcro These are made the same way except that the last two feet is a tear away Velcro bottom, made from the same 1 7/8″ nylon.

ACC- Kick plate Option number 3 offers the same quality, plus the last 6 inches are made of 14-ounce solid vinyl.