tenniscourtwindscreenWhy do you need a Tennis Court Windscreen for Your Home Court?

Have you ever been playing tennis on your court and the ball keeps blowing off course? Have you ever had problems keeping the debris from blowing on your tennis courts from the winds?


This can be annoying, especially when you are playing a competitive game and are determined to win the match. When you take your game seriously, even your home tennis court deserves to have one of the top windscreens available to help you keep up with your game. Call us at All Court Covers for information on our windscreen covers and a free price quote for the one that fits your needs.

Tennis Windscreens
Tennis Windscreens

Here at All Court Covers we have been in business for over 25 years and know the importance of a quality windscreen for your tennis courts. We know that with the wind and other weather factors that the windscreens have to be tough to withstand all these elements.

Family Owned

We are a family owned and operated business that takes pride in what we do. Our motto is to treat others as we want others to treat us. We are very customer service oriented and strive to get all of our estimates back to our customers within just a few hours. Once an order is placed our goal is to have it shipped out within three to five days for our customers.

tennis windscreen

When calling us to get a price quote you will need to know the size of your tennis court. We recommend that you measure your tennis court in the following manner so you will know what size to order. Start at one corner post and then measure to the next corner post, making sure that you are keeping your tape measure away from the fence and stretched tight.

Measuring Is Important

Improper measuring can cause your tennis court windscreen to fit improperly. Make sure you are measuring from your tension bar to tension bar. The tension bar is the bar that runs through the fence and clamps to the fence post to make sure your fence is evenly tight from top to bottom. Your windscreen will come in sheets no longer than 60 feet long for proper handling and installation.

Tennis Court Logos
Tennis Court Logos

The windscreen is normally fastened to the fence by using the polypropylene rope. This rope is usually run through the grommets on the windscreen and through the wire mesh on the fence. While you are securing this make sure that the windscreen is being stretched tight so there is no play or looseness at the top or bottom of the screen. Be sure to follow manufacturer directions as proper installation is very important for the life of your windscreen.


A quality windscreen for your home tennis court is a great concept. It helps to add some shading to your court but also does a great job in helping to control the wind and to keep your court clean and safe from debris. So call us today here at All Court Covers for your free quote on getting a tennis court windscreen for your home tennis court.‎

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